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Color Spiral CFL Fluorescent Tube Lamp

Item No.: 057
This color compact fluorescent party light is great for events, parties, and holiday decoration. Replacing a 60-watt incandescent equivalent, it saves money and energy.


Color Spiral CFL 
1.Wattage: 3w,5w,7w,9w,11w,13w,15w 
2.Tube type: 2U, 3U, spiral 
3.CE ,ROHS certificate

Color Spiral cfl


Product Feature
1. 100% tri-color, or mixed powder toward lower target price
2. saving 80% energy than incandescent bulbs
3. No flash
4. Low heat emission

Main Advantages
1. strict raw material inspection
2. 100% aging line testing
3. strict quality inspection



Wattage: 3w, 5w, 7w, 9w, 11w, 13w, 15w 
Voltage: 110-130v, 220-240v 
Tube type: 2U, 3U, spiral 
Tube diamerter: 7mm, 9mm, 12mm 
Base type: E14, E27, B22 
Working time: 8000-12000hours 
Certificate: CE, RoHS