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Full Spectrum T8 T5 Plant LED Grow Light Tube

Item No.: 166
T8 LED grow light is full spectrum grow light, produce a well balanced spectrum for your plants, and allow plants to be transplanted more easily without shocking the system. Current plant lights are mostly based on red and blue light, it is easy to cause plant mutation or argon nitrate in photosynthesis. Now no other T8 tube on the market produces full spectrum with this quality, and it can be applied in more than 73% types of plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits, because it have almost the same spectrum of sun light.
1)30% less nutrients with LED flowering grow lights as compared to MH/HPS systems;
2)Replace 3~5 times of the HPS power, 80% electric energy saving than the tradition HPS and MHL.
3)High lighting efficiency, 90% of the light will be absorbed by the plant, but to the traditional HPS and MHL, just 8%~10% is absorbed.
4)Input cooling system, solved the heat sink problems.
5)The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments, the same as the parameter.
6)Less heating, Less watering, with 3 years warranty;
7)Use high quality LED lighting source, the lifespan is up to 50000 hours.
8)Environment-friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metaletal