Applications of LED Lamps in Plant Field

As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED lamps has many characteristics different from other electric light source, which also makes it the first choice for energy saving and environmental protection.
The LED Plant Grow Lamp used in the plant field has the following characteristics:
1、Wavelength type is rich, tallied with the range of plant photosynthesis light spectrum;
2、Focus on a specific wavelength of light to irradiation of crops;
3、Not only can regulate crop flowering and fruit bearing, but also control plant height and nutrients;
4、The system has less heating and small space occupation,it can be used for multi-layer cultivation of
three-dimensional combination system to achieve a low heat load and production space miniaturization;
5、Its strong durability also reduces operating costs;
Because of these features, LED Plant Grow Lamps are well suited for plant cultivation in controlled environments such as plant tissue culture, facility gardening,factory seedling and aerospace ecological protection system.
LED Plant Grow Lamp