Combines Neodymium and Halogen in a Reptile Spot HaloDym Radiation Lamp

Vivarium fans worldwide love the brilliant colour reproduction through the reduced yellow material of this Reptile Neodymium lamp, but are annoyed from the brief lifespan of this radiation lamp. The study department needed to solve This Issue and found a baffling alternative: Efforts made at stabilizing the filaments using a further carriage hasn't shown improvement. Halogen burners compared don't have some filaments and are much more secure. It  has integrated halogen burners as a light source, the light of that however as to pass via a China Reptile Neodymium lamp. Energy savings of 30 percent are also an extremely strong debate since a 70 W HaloDym radiation lamp generates the exact same light output as a 100 W neodymium radiation lamp. The colour temperature of 2700 °K is a little lower (therefore a warmer light) because the colour temperature of the halogen radiation lamp. Its maturation of heat is used as a source of warmth from a distance of 100 cm it warms ReptilSpot HaloDym a white-coated wooden panel into 24 °C.
Reptile Neodymium lamp