How to choose Reptile lizard

The types of lizards on the market have water dragon, dragon dragon, lizard and other head, dazzling.They can't leave without Nutritional conditions,Those Nutritional conditions come from food and Reptile Heat Lamp.Food can only provide a little.The lamps are various like infrared heat lamp. I do not know how to start selection, the latter two smaller size, more suitable for children feeding. The water dragon is more suitable for adult feeding.There also have LED Refrigerator Bulb.Then the attention of the purchase of pet lizards? Learn together how to buy
lizards it.
The selection should pay attention to the following points:
1. Two eyes, crawling faster.
2. Should choose the body color is green, tall back, short tail long water dragon.
3. Scales without damage, the tip of the tail tip shape, the tip of a complete claw.
Reptile Heat Lamp