What Kinds of light bulbs are there for reptiles and amphibians?

In general, lighting products can be categorized into 3 basic groups : UV lighting products, ambient lighting products, and heating products that produce light. Most Reptile Heat Lamp produce visible light. Additionally, several products exist on the market that fit into more than one of these groups.

UV bulbs – Compact Fluorescent Blacklight Bulb 36 Watt UVA BL will provide much needed UVA and UVB for your reptile or amphibian pet. UVA aids in your reptile’s vision, and your pet will show an increase in appetite and natural behaviors. UVB facilitates your pet’s ability to utilize dietary calcium.

Basking Spot Bulb – Most basking bulbs on the market today produce some UVA as well, and are often called ‘full spectrum’ bulbs. Basking bulbs are a great source of heat and ambient light for your reptiles. Some amphibians, such as White’s Tree Frogs, will benefit from a basking light, as well. A temperature gradient is needed by ectotherms (commonly called ‘cold blooded’ animals, including reptiles and amphibians) in order to regulate their internal body temperature.