Lighting and Reptile Heat Lamp for your Pet

Make sure to research your particular reptile’s specific needs and natural habitat to determine what kind of UV lighting it will need, as species’ preferences and needs differ from habitat to habitat.

When it comes to heating your geckos, turtles, bearded dragons and more, you should purchase an infrared bulb or reptile heat lamp for your animal to bask in and warm itself throughout the day. For animals that are active during the day, you’ll need to install a high-wattage heat bulb in one area of the tank for your pet to bask in during the day. These bulbs are often situated over a rock or piece of cage décor so your reptile can get close to the bulb. If you have a nocturnal animal, you’ll still need a nightlight red reptile lamp, but a lower-wattage bulb specific for nighttime heating is best. Of course, you’ll need to monitor the temperature of your tank and take into consideration the temperature of the room your animal lives in to ensure an optimal environment for your pet.
nightlight red reptile lamp