Neodymium Bulb Tests

Following a few painstaking work (which was fun) I depended on 26-watt BlueMax compact LED Lamp Fluorescent Tube to the easel and dining table painting places. These bulbs have a colour temperature evaluation of 5500 Kelvin (K), a wonderful white light that is gloomy enough to be similar to normal sun mid-day, but nevertheless pleasant.
The 26-watt BlueMax Neodymium Bulb are marketed as equal to some 150-watt Neodymium Light Bulb, plenty bright enough for light an easel. (I'm really using four: 2 on each side.)
To be used in a fixture rated for 100 g, BlueMax creates the 23-watt CFL -- additionally 5500 K -- which conveys a marginally lower CRI score of 90 -- nevertheless quite great for a compact fluorescent.
Neodymium Bulb