Night light red reptile lamp works

Vitamin D3 is essential for the metabolism of calcium in animals. The bone's robustness and growth are inseparable from calcium. If the reptile body lacks calcium, it can easily cause bone metabolism problems. Vitamin D3 also strengthens the shells of turtles and turtles.
Although reptiles are able to obtain vitamin D3 by ingesting food, studies have shown that D3 obtained through dietary structures cannot substitute for vitamin D3 synthesized via the skin using sunlight, and even supplementation of such vitamins to their in vivo injection cannot be substituted.
Most reptiles rely on the skin to synthesize the vitamin D3 necessary for healthy growth. Therefore, they need to be in a special wavelength band of ultraviolet light (known as UVB ultraviolet light). A night light red reptile lamp can emit this special wavelength of ultraviolet light. The ordinary full-spectrum fluorescent lamp does not include the ultraviolet B portion, because the glass absorbs the ultraviolet ray B. Therefore, reptile nightlight lamp must use a special glass design to allow the safety of ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A through the glass.
reptile nightlight lamp