Reptile Basking Spot Lamps Overview

*Patented double reflector focuses 35% more light/heat in the beam than other reflector bulbs
*Reptile basking spot lamps Provides beneficial UVA rays important for reptile and amphibian wellness
*Specially Useful for tropical and desert species such as iguanas and bearded dragons
A clear basking spot bulb that lets reptiles regulate their own temperature by accessing the light and heat of the "sun." Double reflector offers vital UVA for better action, health, feeding, and breeding. The lamp's tighter beam generates a more effective basking website than normal reflector bulbs. Additionally, it increases overall air temperature within your reptile's terrarium and generates the proper heat gradients necessary for thermoregulation. Fantastic for use with high heat basking reptiles, such as tropical and desert species.
Reptile basking spot lamps