Choosing the Right Color Temperature

There are seemingly endless options available to you when choosing a Color Incandescent Bulb. CFL, LED, HID, incandescent, medium base, candelabra base…overwhelmed yet? But your work isn’t done once you choose the type of bulb you need. Choosing the right color temperature for your new bulb can be the most confusing part of Color Spiral CFL shopping, and making the wrong choice can render the bulb virtually unusable in many cases.

Say you chose a daylight bulb with a color temperature of 6500K for your bedroom. Imagine getting ready to settle in with a good book, preparing to slowly and peacefully nod off. You switch on your new light bulb, and suddenly you’re bathed in the bright blue light of midday. Not exactly relaxing. This is why choosing the right color temperature is extremely important. Lighting sets the mood, creates ambience, promotes productivity, and often commands the entire feel of a room, so getting the right color of light is imperative.
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