What is the upside to using LED Plant Grow Light?

The power saved with LEDs is fine, the lifetime of the product is great, but among the most significant advantages is the low heat output. A huge hurdle to successful grow operations is controlling the air temperature within the grow room. Controlling the temperature is very simple with LEDs, where with HIDs, it isn't. HID lamps are expensive to run, have a short lifetime, are extremely ineffective that is why all of the excess heat is created. The heat in an HID can easily begin a fire, burn your crops and heating up the increase room so much that you have to invest more cash on busy AC cooling.
Here's a list of why you should use a quality LED Plant Grow Light:
1) LED Plant Grow Light PAR38 lower energy intake
2) long life
3) physically stronger, resistant to shock
4) lower heat output
5) simpler to focus the light
6) instant on/off
7) dimming accessible if Needed
8) Quicker product "class 1" no mercury
LED Plant Grow Light