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Led Flood Lighting 30w 50w 100w

Item No.: 127

100w flood light led flood light

Our Flood Light Have different power : 10w , 30w , 50w , 100w ,150w, 200w, 250w ,300w  etc.

In order to make the heat dissipation become more efficient , we design a fan inside of the light from 100w to 300w. That is why our light can be guarante 2 years. 

All our light will go through three test before we package :  aging test , waterproof test , high temperature test and low temperature test. We will confirm every light are in good condition before we sell. Choosing us is your right decision!


Power (w) Ra Power Voltage Light Voltage Lumen 1m Illuminance
10 >=70 AC95-240V  300mA/ 17-38V   ≥700lm  ≥200lux
30 >=70 AC95-240V  900mA/ 17-43V   ≥2100lm ≥800lux
50 >=70 AC95-240V  1500mA/ 25-38V  ≥3500lm ≥1200lux
100 >=70 AC95-240V  3000mA/ 25-38V   ≥7000lm ≥2000lux
150 >=70 AC95-240V  4500mA/ 25-38V   ≥10500lm  ≥3200lux
200 >=70 AC95-240V  6000mA/ 25-38V ≥14000lm ≥4200lux