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Led panel light 48W

Item No.: 015
Led panel light 48W 60*60CM


Model: 48W / 600mm*600mm *13mm
Input Voltage: AC90-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 48W
Lumens: 3200-3300lm
Beam Angle: 180
Installation Hole: 600mm*600mm
Index: RA75
Fixture Material: PC & Aluminum
Lens: PC
Temperature Color: 3000K/6000K
Certificate: CE, RoHS
IP: 20
Life Span 30000hours


1.High Quality LED chip 4014 and laser pot technology,super equal lighting distribution and Lumen output; 

2. Low heat production, perfect heat dissapation, within 70° for junction temperature, the luminous decline is no more than 5% within10,000 hours, ensuring a long life span; 

3. High Luminous efficiency (> 80LM/W for light engine), radiation angle is 180º, no need of secondary optical design ; 

4. No glare, no double image, no color shifting ; 

5.Diverse options: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K for warm white, true white and cold white color temp ;