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Neodymium Light Bulb R95

Item No.: 051
Neodymium Plant Grow Light Bulb 100W

Neodymium Lamp(R80)
Type: R80
Voltage: 110-240V
Wattage: 75-100W
Base: E27
Color: Neodymium glass
Life: 1000hours

Detailed Product Description

Neodymium pure daylight bulb with blue glass.
Help the growth of reptile and plant.
Neodymium pure daylight bulb with blue glass. Used for reptile and plant growth. It includes the microelement Neodymium in the glass.
The spectrum is close to the true daylight. It contains the UVA rays in the lighting, stimulate the photo-environment of the
Reptile's habitate, bright enough to give you the best views of reptiles and amphibian's nature look. with daylight spectrum, it
Helps the growth of plant also. It's ideal for illuminating small terrarium.