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Quartz Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp 500W

Item No.: 202
1. Halogen type
2. The ideal, high-power heat source for a wide range of industrial heating applications
3. Economic heat source, 90% of energy is transmitted as Infrared heat
4. Short wave Infrared radiates
5. Clean, Safe, Green
6. Compact Infrared heat source
7. Fast response, reaching 100% power after be electrified and fast to reducing the temperature
8. Long Lifetime, Rating life 5000 hours


Without white reflector IR heat lamp radiate 50% of the infrared radiation to the rear and 50 forwards.Consequently, only 50% of the potential radiation is available to heat a surface. With the Heatelement White reflector IR heat lamp 80% of the available radiation is directed at the workpiece surface.

Space heating
Drying of lacquer, paint, printing ink
Curing, oven
Plastic thermoforming
Blowing of PETP