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R40   Infrared  Heat  Lamp

Item No.: 039
R40 /  R125 Infrared  Heat  Lamp

1.R40(R125) Infrared lamps can be with many colors.

2.From 110V-240V with 65W-375W..
3.CE cetificates approvel.
4.Can meet RoHS.

1.It can produce quite high heat(about 60°C for 275w lamps)  to achieve the warming purpose.

2.110v-240v with 100w-375w

3.For the base, it can be made with E26,E27,B22 with material of brass, brass plated nickel, aluminum etc.

Our Advantages:

1. Hard glass, avoid explosion when water splashed: it is safe when the over 300 degree celsius’s glass shell meet 4 degree celsius's water.

2. Machine made glass shell, not cheaply made by hand: the materials are more even, and the components are much better. -- that will make the bulb to have little explosion rate.

3. Double screw Tungsten Filament make the life expectancy to be 5500 hours.

4. Screws at the end of glass shell makes the base more firm than bare ends.